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I love being a subscriber to Ansuya’s online dance classes! She is the best teacher and the best dancer. The combination is not common. No one can break down, explain and teach moves like Ansuya can.

Her latest series is the Seven Chakras Bellydance Series. Check out the article that inspired this series.

This month is the Heart Chakra:

Ansuya Heart Chakra

Take a free class below with this video. You’ll see how good she is and you’ll want to sign up. It’s $30 per month which is short money considering what you would or probably already pay for classes in person. With these you can take the class whenever you want, wearing whatever you want, and you can rewind and repeat the lesson whenever and as often as you would like.

Each month brings several new lessons. It is totally worth it to learn from this wonderful master of bellydance!

So don’t wait a second longer! Treat yourself and join this awesome community that also comes with exclusive social media group on Facebook for questions and other goodies! When you get to her home page, click on “subscribe” button to sign up!

Let me know what you think!

About Sayyida, the author of BellyDance Joy

Welcome to BellyDance Joy. My name is Kristin and my dance name is Sayyida which means happy, lucky in Arabic.  I chose this dance name because that is how I feel when I bellydance. I have been bellydancing since 2007, although the dance has been trying to come out of me all my life! I just needed to find a teacher, which I was blessed to find!

I want to share all the things about bellydance that bring me joy and that inspire me, so I created BellyDance Joy. As a writer I love to share things that I learn. I share a lot of what I learn about Life over at my other website: Life Learning Today.  BellyDance Joy will be the place where I share all the things I have learned about bellydance in the hopes of bringing the joy of bellydance to others.

The topics I will cover will be:

  • Bellydance and Middle Eastern Dance History
  • Tips and Advice
  • How-to’s
  • Recommendations and Reviews of bellydance music, videos, costumes, etc.
  • Interviews with bellydancers
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Stories to Inspire

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope that you will join the conversation in the comments on the posts.

If you have any suggestions for articles that you would like to see or that you would like to write for BellyDance Joy, please contact me!

Thank you!


Welcome to BellyDance Joy!

Welcome to BellyDance Joy!

BellyDance Joy will serve as resource for all things bellydance. Here you will find articles on:

  • History of BellyDance
  • How to BellyDance
  • BellyDance Tips
  • BellyDance Joy Stories
  • Inspiration for your Dance
  • BellyDance Videos
  • BellyDance Resource Reviews
  • BellyDance Costuming, Hair and Makeup Tips
  • BellyDance Forum

and much much more!

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