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Our abdominal technique program is designed with newcomers, beginners and dance enthusiasts in mind – combining the best of both techniques and choreography.

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Best Belly Dance Program taught by World Belly Dance Champions

The lessons are taught by our world champion instructors, students are guided step by step from simple to extensive techniques and combinations. Learn how to understand different types of oriental music and improve your mental dexterity. Easily adapt your moves into beautiful choreographies.


Heels Dance

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Belly Dance

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Burlesque for beginners

Technique classes introduce you to core movements and execution. Choreography classes include routines involving chairs, feather fans, feather boas, and floor work.

Our classes are suitable for students with little or no dance background, as step-by-step instructions and coaching are given during the classes.

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Fitness Through Belly Dance

The basics of belly dance   There are two types of belly dance that are widely practised worldwide. Raqs Baladi dance is a social activity at festivals and other occasions

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Belly Dancing’s Beginnings

Theories on the origins of belly dance   Most belly dancers believe in one of several explanations about how the dance began. In addition, many individuals are curious about the

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